Change of Name

Getting Your Name Changed

Did you get your name changed for whatever reason? You would have to get your driver’s license updated just to avoid confusion, but Wyoming makes that simple and easy to do.

If you’ve had your name changed for whatever reason, it’s best that you update important documents such as bank statements and IDs, including your driver’s license, as soon as possible. Wyoming law states that you must notify WYDOT within 10 days of the change. However, much like changing the address on your license, you cannot stop at just sending a form to WYDOT Driver Services, otherwise you will not get an updated license.

To have your WYDOT information changed, you must do the following:

•       Print and fill out the Notice of Change of Address; and

•           Mail to:

WYDOT Driver Services
5300 Bishop Road Blvd.,
Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340


To have an updated license reflecting your new name, you must do the following:

•       Visit your nearest WYDOT office;

•           Provide proof of the change of name (marriage certificate, adoption papers, divorce decree, etc.);

•           Pay a fee of $15; and

•           Surrender your current license.

Note: Before getting your license updated, it’s best that you first update your Social Security information and have an updated Social Security card.

Once you’ve done this, your updated driver’s license will be mailed to your new address in 4 weeks’ time.

Helpful Tips to getting a Driver’s License

These tips will help minimize the hassle involved in your application process.

1.     Visit the driver’s licensing office closest to you as much as possible.

2.         Call ahead or visit the website to confirm office hours before leaving.

3.         Always make sure you have all the important documents before leaving.

4.         If you’re taking a written knowledge test, make sure to thoroughly read any handbook and other informational documents given to you.

5.         If you’re taking a skills or driving test, make sure your vehicle is in top shape.

6.         Always drive safely.

7.         Know your limits and restrictions and keep to them to avoid getting your license or permit suspended.

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